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The Choice of Pro Athletes, Actresses, Actors, Figure & Bodybuilding Competitors, Musicians, Dr's, MMA Fighters, Lawyers, Ceo's, Triathletes, Swimmers, and Elite Clients all over the world.  


Through my company Pro Body Coach LLC,  I have established my nutrition system as the leader in performance enhancement and physique augmentation through a series of nutritional phases and supplementation protocols.               

My athletes have held multiple titles and set numerous American and World Records, and are at the top of their chosen professions.

I have a series of articles relating to nutrition for Strongman and strength athletes available at official Strongman Corporation.                                                 

My philosophy: 

Each situation (and person ) is unique. 

One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential.  When I work with you, I become your diet and training partner. 

My success is measured by the success of my clients:

A record 12 consecutive years of clients qualified and competing at Worlds Strongest Man.  (2009-2020)

ESPN CBS Television

BRIAN SHAW  (All 4 WSM Titles)

2011,2013,2015,2016 Worlds Strongest Man 

2011,2013,2015 Arnold Classic Champion   

MARTINS LICIS 2019 Worlds Strongest Man

SAQUON BARKLEY All-Pro  New York Giants

Tom Stoltman

Luke Stoltman 

Robert Oberst  

Travis Ortmayer 

Bryan Benzel

Sigfus Fossdal

Derek DeVaughan


Johnny Wasiczko

Alan Colley 

Josh Reynolds

Eric Dawson     

Rachel Pyron 

Ryan Bracewell

Andy Vincent

Aaron West

Evan Smith Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Johnny Whitleman Kansas City Royals  

Austin Wood Detroit Tigers

Lance Pendleton New York Yankees

KISS manager Bill Aucoin 

Elite Powerlifter Jeff Younker 

NPC Masters Figure National Competitor Sandy Ballard  

 *Official Nutrition Consultant American Strongman 


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